Why You’ll Love A Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour


Want to know some of the top reasons you’ll love a Grand Canyon helicopter tour? Read on below.

The views are unbeatable

helicopter view of the Grand Canyon

The national park is awe inspiring and one of the best ways to appreciate the size of the park is from above. Nothing like the views from 1000 ft in the sky!


Avoid the crowds

The best way to avoid the crowds at the national park is by flying above them. One of the best things about taking a Grand Canyon helicopter tour is the opportunity to avoid competing for photos with thousands of other visitors.


Get a great lesson in history

One thing missing from most peoples self-guided experiences of the park is the rich history and culture of the area. There’s a lot of impressive history to enjoy and there’s no better way to enjoy it then by interacting with the highly experienced and knowledgeable operators who know the area in a way that no guidebook could ever match.


You save time

What many people don’t realize before visiting the national park is the incredible size of it. It’s almost impossible to see it in a day, especially when travelling from Las Vegas. Trying to make a day trip of it will most likely involve a lot of sitting in the car, unless of course you take a trip from above. A Grand Canyon helicopter tour will let you tick off many of the top sights in only a few hours and without all the time spent staring at a map. If you’re short on time, there’s no better way to enjoy a trip to the national park.


You can mix and match

If there are some must-do’s on your list for you trip to the national park then there’s probably a package for you out there, you can do everything from a champagne lunch overlooking the majesty of the national park, or a trip along the skywalk.


It makes things simple

yellow helicopter on air

Trying to organise a self-guided trip through such a large national park can easily lead to visitors spending a lot of their time navigating, lost or trudging from one landmark to another without anyone to provide context or explain the significance of what they’re seeing. A Grand Canyon helicopter tour is a great way to keep it simple, relax and enjoy your holiday. All the hard work has been done for you, the best on offer at national park has been selected for sightseeing and knowledgeable operators mean you’ll get an interactive and information experience on your trip – the kind you certainly couldn’t get from a guidebook!


It’s affordable

As far as places to visit go, this seventh wonder of the world is not well known for being the most affordable. Whilst you certainly can enjoy a day out in the park on the cheap, many of the tours and experiences in the area can really add up. Stack that on top of pricey accommodation options, expensive food and just the pure expense of getting there and a visit to the national park could easily set you back a nice chunk of change. That’s why it’s so great that Grand Canyon helicopter tours are so affordable. Considering that most packages include pick up from nearby cities like Las Vegas; where the bus or a hire car could easily add up to the cost of a Grand Canyon Helicopter tour. You basically get the opportunity to see national park from above with a knowledgeable operator, and a picnic lunch as a bonus.

This is for sure one of the most cost effective ways to go sight-seeing, and the most fun!