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What You Need To Know About Scaffold


In this article, Mr Scaffold will discuss several things regarding scaffold, hopefully when done, your questions will be answered and with your new knowledge of scaffold you’ll be able to enter the world of construction with no worries or maybe just be able to impress your friends when there is a lull in the conversation. Either way enjoy the next few hundred words as you delve deep into one of the major parts of the creation of buildings, something you may never have given any thought to before. Enjoy!

Scaffold? What is it and how is it different to scaffolding?

Most may not have known there was a difference or that there existed two different words. After all, to the laymen, looking at the rig of pipes and platforms beside a building in construction, they will just think it is scaffolding. Well, if this was you, you can stand corrected, they are in fact different.

Scaffold is the structure surrounded by the scaffolding. So, when in fact you exclaimed look at that scaffolding falling over, you weren’t in fact talking about the individual pieces falling to the earth, rather the structure as a whole crashing down and destroying all around it. However, there is an additional piece to this puzzle. Scaffold is also a verb, meaning to put up scaffolding. So next time you are passing a building in the process of being built, choose your words correctly, whether they be nouns or verbs. You wouldn’t want to be left with egg on your face over such a trivial matter as the difference between scaffold and scaffolding, especially in Sydney, a city that takes veganism very seriously.

Going back a little further into European history, a scaffold was a platform on which executions were carried out. Back in the day when a concert in a sports stadium wasn’t even thought of, there needed to be other ways to entertain the masses, and there were, with public executions, carried out by beheading, hanging or other inventive ways to kill a criminal. Much like a scaffold today, it was a wooden platform, elevated above the crowd for everyone to see and enjoy. Unlike today though, they were used to end life, rather than preserve as is the case in cities all over the world.

workers on a scaffolding

A Scaffold is only as effective as the tubes around it whether they be made of pipe, or in many places in Asia, bamboo. It is common in construction sites in China and other nearby countries to see Bamboo pieces tied together running up the side of a building. What’s more, there will be nothing fixed the piece to the ground, as they balance on finely cut corners that seem like they can fall at any minute, given contact from passersby. I’m not sure how effective they are but they have been used for hundreds of years, so I’m guessing they do the job that they are used for.

Scaffold is something that needs to be a sturdy structure too, so wood is mostly used as the platform for builders to make their way around the edges of buildings. Secured to the tubes around them, they are effective and let the people walking them carry out their work without fear of crashing to the ground below.

Now that you have read about scaffold, the history behind it and how it is used today, as well as, most importantly the difference between it and scaffolding, feel free to use this information to impress whomever you need to as you go about your day. Whether it works or not, is a matter to decide for the person listening.

Why There Is No Point In Waiting For Hard Waste Collection Each Year When You Can Easily Find A Company That Offers Rubbish Removal In Sydney


There are many people out there who will be feeling extremely frustrated with themselves or a loved one who is close to them because they simply cannot seem to de-clutter their surrounding. No matter how many good intentions they will have and no matter how much will power, they can’t seem to get through the mass that is their possessions. This can, of course, cause conflict in their schedules, in their private life, and in their own minds.

When people find themselves in this position, it is very likely that they will want to do something about it but just don’t know where to start. And so for many, they will simply strive to do something about it when their local council offers a free hard waste collection each year. But this article will explore why this theory doesn’t always work and why people should hire Heaps Cheap Rubbish Removal since they offer rubbish removal in Sydney, instead of waiting.


There is no point in only de-cluttering once a year when you are able to enjoy peace instantly when finding a company that offers rubbish removal in Sydney

In many people’s minds, there is good reason for them to wait for their local hard waste collection date each year and mostly this is because this is a free service. People don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars hiring a ute so that they can take their items to their local tip and instead they can simply carry any discarded items to their nature strip. But there are a few problems with this theory that will leave people will the same amount of items that they had in the first place (sometimes even more).

One of which is that many people simply end up missing the date itself. For some, they will be working, on holidays, can fall ill, or the weather may simply not permit. In some other cases, people will end up going out on to their nature strip and will bring some items back in or may even bring home some of their neighbours items. As it can be seen, it can sometimes be easier to find a company that offers rubbish removal in Sydney so that people can experience immediate peace.


There is no point in waiting for hard waste collection each year when you can take care of your possessions immediately with rubbish removal in Sydney

There are many people who may be reading this who can sometimes feel like their possessions are in control of them and not the other way round. They feel like no matter how many times they plan to finally go through all of their possessions so that they can get rid of all of the things that don’t spark them joy, it just never seems to happen. There can be all sorts of reasons for this but usually the case is that there is just too much stuff for only one person to handle.

This is why it can be so helpful for people to look for outside help such as when they look for companies that offer rubbish removal in Sydney. Instead of making a bunch of excuses or putting off the task because they are “waiting for hard waste collection” they can get to the root of the cause once and for all and may even find that the hard waste collection date is something they don’t have to even worry about in the future.

Why You’ll Love A Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour

yellow helicopter on air


Want to know some of the top reasons you’ll love a Grand Canyon helicopter tour? Read on below.

The views are unbeatable

helicopter view of the Grand Canyon

The national park is awe inspiring and one of the best ways to appreciate the size of the park is from above. Nothing like the views from 1000 ft in the sky!


Avoid the crowds

The best way to avoid the crowds at the national park is by flying above them. One of the best things about taking a Grand Canyon helicopter tour is the opportunity to avoid competing for photos with thousands of other visitors.


Get a great lesson in history

One thing missing from most peoples self-guided experiences of the park is the rich history and culture of the area. There’s a lot of impressive history to enjoy and there’s no better way to enjoy it then by interacting with the highly experienced and knowledgeable operators who know the area in a way that no guidebook could ever match.


You save time

What many people don’t realize before visiting the national park is the incredible size of it. It’s almost impossible to see it in a day, especially when travelling from Las Vegas. Trying to make a day trip of it will most likely involve a lot of sitting in the car, unless of course you take a trip from above. A Grand Canyon helicopter tour will let you tick off many of the top sights in only a few hours and without all the time spent staring at a map. If you’re short on time, there’s no better way to enjoy a trip to the national park.


You can mix and match

If there are some must-do’s on your list for you trip to the national park then there’s probably a package for you out there, you can do everything from a champagne lunch overlooking the majesty of the national park, or a trip along the skywalk.


It makes things simple

yellow helicopter on air

Trying to organise a self-guided trip through such a large national park can easily lead to visitors spending a lot of their time navigating, lost or trudging from one landmark to another without anyone to provide context or explain the significance of what they’re seeing. A Grand Canyon helicopter tour is a great way to keep it simple, relax and enjoy your holiday. All the hard work has been done for you, the best on offer at national park has been selected for sightseeing and knowledgeable operators mean you’ll get an interactive and information experience on your trip – the kind you certainly couldn’t get from a guidebook!


It’s affordable

As far as places to visit go, this seventh wonder of the world is not well known for being the most affordable. Whilst you certainly can enjoy a day out in the park on the cheap, many of the tours and experiences in the area can really add up. Stack that on top of pricey accommodation options, expensive food and just the pure expense of getting there and a visit to the national park could easily set you back a nice chunk of change. That’s why it’s so great that Grand Canyon helicopter tours are so affordable. Considering that most packages include pick up from nearby cities like Las Vegas; where the bus or a hire car could easily add up to the cost of a Grand Canyon Helicopter tour. You basically get the opportunity to see national park from above with a knowledgeable operator, and a picnic lunch as a bonus.

This is for sure one of the most cost effective ways to go sight-seeing, and the most fun!

3 Things Your SEO Report Must Contain As A Local Business


Running a local business is hard in an age where almost everyone researches online before making any kind of purchase. Without a website and an online presence, you’ll find yourself lagging behind. But there’s also no point of having a website and writing content if no one is actually seeing it. To combat this problem, you need to make sure you have an SEO strategy and you must have a good reporting structure to ensure this strategy is doing well. Here are some things your SEO Sydney reports should contain as a local business.

Accurate And Updated Regional And Local Data

When it comes to delivering SEO reports and creating a good strategy, data is key. Without accurate data, you simply don’t know how you’re doing. But as a local business, you also need to ensure the data is drilled down to your region for the best results. Consider the following:

  • Regional data should include how local competitors are doing in comparison to your business.
  • Regional data should include your specific audience and their buying behaviour patterns to help you formulate a targeted strategy.
  • Regional data must be regularly updated to help you make informed decisions about your strategy.

As a local business, having general national data is good but won’t help your overall objectives. You need to break down into your region so you’re able to deliver a more effective online marketing strategy for your local audience.

Rich Features To Help You Better Understand Your Online Capability

Your SEO reports should have some robust features to help you better understand how strong or weak you are online. Consider the following features when planning an SEO report:

  • How organic and inorganic traffic is working for your website?
  • How many backlinks do you have to your website and who are they from?
  • How much competitor data do you have access to?
  • What kind of position tracking is offered?
  • Can you integrate your email marketing, social media and call campaigns into the tool?
  • What kind of bounce and exit rates do you have on every web page of your site?

At the end of the day, a full-suite report will help you make better sense of how you are doing and whether your digital marketing efforts are properly paying off. Make sure you’re able to customise at different points in keeping with changing priorities and objectives.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Getting traffic to your website is fine, but it’s not enough if you’re not converting leads into genuine sales or specific goal conversions whether you’re looking for more sign ups, downloads, followers or anything else. Consider the following:

  • Are you converting enough leads into business? If no, what is stopping your audience from taking the next step? Could it be a poor CTA statement or bad website formatting? Take a good look at your website.
  • Is your audience stagnating or are you not reaching the right people? A low conversion rate may require you to extend your offerings to a bigger pool if necessary.
  • Is your content not being read? This goes in tandem with bounce and exit rates to determine whether people are not reading your content, and therefore not converting.
  • Where are people entering the site? Which pages are most popular and how are they engaging with your site? Low engagement will result in a lower conversion rate.
  • What devices work best for local conversions? Mobiles or desktops? With more and more users browsing the Internet via their mobile phones especially when they are on the go and looking for real-time information, low conversion rates could be because of failure to optimise for multiple devices.

Understanding conversion rates for your website will help you gain better insights into your local audience. You can then use these insights to develop a strategy that better speaks to their desires. You don’t want hundreds of people on your site if they are not genuine customers so make sure you look at quality over quantity.

Analytics has become more important than ever before because you’re able to get detailed insights into what you’re doing and how you’re doing it. But most importantly, it allows you to drill down deep into your customer base so you’re able to get information even at a local level to help you boost your SEO and overall business.

How To Prepare For a Long Car Trip


A long car trip can be just what the doctor ordered when you want to escape from a monotonous routine. It can be a great time bonding with friends or family or you can do it alone. The possibilities are endless. But without proper preparation and packing, you are risking a good vacation for a miserable one. Here are some steps to ensure smooth sailing.

1. Make a List well in advance
A week or two before you leave, make a list of everything you plan to take with you and other important tasks. This can include getting your car serviced or washed. Having a list to follow before you leave eliminates any chance of you forgetting something important on the day of departure.


2. Entertainment
A long car trip can get boring sometimes, you make sure to have some sort of entertainment on board like a movie player, a video game or a book to keep yourself engaged. This is especially more important if you have little kids with you.


3. Charge everything
Everything you take that has a battery in it must be charged before you leave. Yes, you can charge some devices in your car but it is a hassle to deal with unnecessary cords when you don’t have to. This is also a good time to download music and movies you plan to watch on the trip.


4. Talk to the other passengers
Make a game plan of when to leave and how the driving schedule is going to be. Make sure to let everyone know the plan well in advance to avoid any confusions or arguments on the trip.


5. Book your hotels well in advance
It is a nightmare to travel a long way to a strange city or town only to find out that you don’t have a place to spend the night because all the hotels are full. So make sure to book all the hotel rooms well in advance (2-3 days before) so that you aren’t left stranded when you reach your destination.


6. Packing
Packing is important for any trip and here are some tips to help you pack smarter.
• Use a large enough bag: You shouldn’t be cramming all your things into a handbag or backpack. Use a bag that can comfortably fit all the things you want to take.
• Pack 2-3 days before the trip so that you can avoid over-packing or worse, forgetting something important because you were in a hurry to pack.
• Pack an additional bag with things like books, laptops, snacks etc. so you can find them easier and won’t have to rummage through your entire luggage to get that packet of chips.


7. Wear something comfortable

On the day of the trip wear something comfortable and before you leave, check everything one last time, find a comfortable place to sit in the car and drive to your destination.

5 tips to make house cleaning a lot easier

Tidying up is something that we all have to deal with once in a while and house cleaning is probably the most common example of this. For those who don’t have the time or energy to do it all themselves, a professional house cleaning service is more affordable than you might think.

For those who want to do it the old fashioned way, check out the following tips to make your house cleaning that much easier.



1.     Break the job up into manageable sections

The hardest part about most house cleaning jobs is knowing where to start. We often get so overwhelmed by the enormity of the task ahead of us that we only do a piecemeal job before getting demotivated by how far we still have to go.

Logically, the best thing to do is the break the job up into bite sized chunks that you can easily compete in a short amount of time. People have enhanced motivation when they feel like they are actively completing tasks as they go, rather than working towards one big idyllic goal.


2.     Don’t do it alone

A big mistake people make when attempting house cleaning is that they attempt to do it all themselves rather than asking others for help. People often feel embarrassed by their clutter and often don’t want to inconvenience friends and family with their mess.

The truth is that house cleaning days can be incredibly fun to do with a group of people. Gather some close friends, grab a few of your favourite albums or mixtapes and get to work! You’d be surprised by how much laughter and storytelling occurs while people are tidying up.


3.     Organize everything into categorized bins

One of the best ways to make your house cleaning easier is to create labelled bins for everything. While you might be thinking it’s easy to keep track of a keep and throw away pile, it’s actually prudent to go a bit deeper than that.

Consider creating bins for charity, recycling and maybes. This speeds up the process as you can instantly know where to throw something while also giving yourself a second chance to rummage through your ‘maybe’ pile to see if there’s anything you want to keep.


4.     Hire a professional house cleaning company

Sometimes the best solution is to simply hire outside help and a professional house cleaning company is far more affordable than you might think. You can either get a full team to do a once-off job for you or you can get a routine cleaner to come and tidy your house while you’re at work.

Many people who can afford and would benefit greatly from house cleaning services chose not to because they think it’s lazy that they aren’t doing it all themselves. The truth is that there’s no shame in hiring outside help as long as it supplements your lifestyle in a positive way.


5.     Hire a skip bin

When all else fails, you can always rely on a hiring a skip bin that you can simply dump all your unwanted junk into. A skip bin is essentially a large steel container you can rent and have collected after you’re done filling it with junk.

Obviously with this method you need to be careful about your sorting so that you don’t end up throwing away something you actually want to keep.

Ultimately, your house cleaning is going to take some hard work no matter what way you go about it. As long as you are smart about the way in which you attack the mess, it won’t seem nearly as overwhelming to deal with.

5 Productivity Apps For Moms


As a mom, there is always a lot to do and a lot screaming for your attention here and there. It is even worse when you’re a working mom, or you own your own business. Everything and everyone wants a bit of you. From the husband to the kids, business partners or boss at work, the house chores are there staring you in the face and all of that. Sometimes, everything feels unorganized and uncoordinated. But, with the right “tools,” you can reorganize and re-coordinate your life. You don’t have to “lose your mind” at any point in time.

With the following five apps in this article, your family plus work stress can reduce to the barest minimum. You can even plan your dinner and shopping lists with your phone. You, your family and work partners can always have smiles put on.


Five productivity apps for moms

Evernote: Evernote is a fantastic app suitable for meticulous note-taking. If you need something with which you can quickly drop your ideas as they come so they don’t slip away, Evernote it is. With it, you can make a to-do list, take notes and save documents there such as word documents, PDFs, and even excel sheets. One outstanding thing about the app is that it allows you to streamline across other devices. It can remind you about some of your jottings to be put on your calendar later. Also, you can share your notes with others so it can even serve as a means to communicate with those who matter to your daily life.

Google Calendar: The Google Calendar is a fantastic way for you to schedule your programs. And, you can bring it into your calendar for automatic synchronization when you make appointments. With the app, you can plan your activities and daily programs such as doctor’s appointments for you or your kids, your children’s activities at school and all of that. For your business/work, you can always stay connected anytime and anywhere with your colleagues. And guess what? Setting it up is as simple as ABC. Majorly, what it requires is setting up a Gmail account. For a mom, you may need this to keep you productive.


Google Drive: Google Drive allows more than one person have access to a document or spreadsheet. You can both edit on Google drive at a time, fantastic right? Google Drive is everywhere these days. You can access it on your mobile phone, office computer and home computer. It is convenient to work with. Wherever you go, your necessary documents are always with you, since you can access it on your phone and computers, anywhere at that! You can create word documents, spreadsheets, slides, google forms, Google drawings, etc.

Cozi: This is a must-have organizer for moms. With it, you communicate and coordinate schedules and activities, stay on the same page with your family without losing your mind. You can make your to-do list with it, track grocery lists and even make a dinner plan ahead of time.

It features family calendar which allows you keep track of what everyone is doing or is to do. It has a color-coded calendar to help you remember where who should be and when. With this app, no one will miss an appointment. You can set reminders, organize school schedules, practices, lessons for your kids, organize your meetings and activities, it also allows you to save recipes, make shopping lists, and more.

Unrollme: Most times we sign up for newsletters that eventually become a bug and fills up our emails. When the time to pick out the relevant emails comes, it becomes a challenge because there are way too much of junks to go through. Unrollme is an app that comes to help you from drowning in those junks and unwanted emails. With just one click, those junk emails are over for good! You can effortlessly unsubscribe from junk emails and never see them again.



I hope you try any or all of these apps out. For me, a happy woman equals a happy family. So, why not plan your activities and remain focused with the help of the above-suggested applications. Good luck with them!

Simple ways to save money


Record your expenses

The first step to money saving is to identify and figure out how much you spend. For this, you will need to keep track of all your expenses such as coffee, household item, cash tip, etc. Once you have collected your necessary data, organize the figures and assign them into categories such as gas, grocery, and mortgage and total each amount.


Make a budget

After you have an idea of how much you spend in a month, you can then organize the recorded expenses into a workable budget. The budget should outline how your costs measure up to your income so that you can plan a spending limit. In addition to monthly expenses, factor in expenses that occur regularly but not every month such as car maintenance.


Plan on saving

Create a savings account category after you have formulated a budget. Attempt to keep a minimum of at least 10-15 percentage of your income. If you have very high expenses which you cannot cut back, consider downsizing or reducing costs by identifying non-essentials of your expenditure.


Determine something to save for

One of the best methods to save money is by setting a goal. Begin by thinking of what you want to achieve by saving for it. Some would like to get married, plan a vacation or save for retirement. After setting a goal, determine how much money you will need to and how long will it take for you to save for it.


Decide your priorities

After considering your expenses and income, your targets or goals are likely to have the most significant impact on how you allocate your savings. Remember to save for long-term goals as it is crucial that retirement planning does not take the back seat to short-term needs. Learn how to efficiently prioritize your goals to have a clear picture of where to start saving from.


Pick the right tools

If you are saving for short-term goals, consider FDIC-insured deposit accounts like savings account and CD or certificate of deposit. For long-term goals consider FDIC insured individual retirement accounts or IRAs or securities such as stock or mutual funds. Before finalizing, look at all the options and consider things such as balance minimums, fees, and interest rates.


Make saving automatic

Methods such as splitting your direct deposit and setting up automated transfers are relatively easy methods to save money. And since you do not have to think about it, and it reduces the tendency of excessive spending.


Watch your savings grow

Check your progress every month and periodically review your budget.  This will not only allow you to follow up on your savings plan but help you identify and fix problems quickly.

Steps to stay financially fit


Understand your assets and liabilities

Your net worth is determined by the debts and liabilities you own. Assets include cash, savings, stocks, bonds, real estate, retirement accounts and anything else which holds value such as cars or collectibles. Liabilities consist of student loans, mortgage, bills due, auto loans and credit card debt. Consider calculating your net worth annually by adding the value of all your assets and subtracting with total liabilities. This can reveal an overall financial picture.


Assess your goals

At least once a year, review your short term, medium term, and long-term goals. Consider how much are their costs and are you on the right track to meet them. Long-term goals such as retirement traveling may not change year to year, but short-term goals like paying credit card bill and medium-term goals like saving for a house are more susceptible to changes. Decide to re-evaluate such goals every three to six months.


Check your credit report

Your credit report contains relevant information about your credit accounts and payment history. Maintaining a good credit score is vital for availing loans at the best possible rates. The CFPB or Consumer Financial Protection Bureau recommends evaluating your credit report at least once a year to make sure it is up to date and apt.



Name your beneficiaries

Generally, when you open a retirement account or avail an insurance policy, you will be asked to name a beneficiary. The beneficiary is the person who would collect the amount in case of your death. Usually, the spouse is selected as the default beneficiary, but you can assign children or anyone else.


Manage your taxes

It is crucial to set aside enough amount for the payment of the tax bill before the annual deadline, which is generally on April 15. The amount of federal income tax you are required to pay each year depends in part on your tax bracket.



Check if your investments and goals align

Consider quarterly checking your investments whether in retirement plans, tax brokerage accounts or mutual funds in January, April, July, and October to ensure your investment selections are appropriate for your financial targets and age.


Determine if you have the right insurance

At least once a year, it is essential to assess the type and amount of coverage you will require. For example, you should consider renter’s policy, and for home purchases, you should consider homeowner’s insurance. An insurance agent can help guide you in determining whether you have the right type and amount of insurance coverage.

What are the medical benefits of cannabis?


Years of research has yielded results which suggest that cannabis may be of benefit in the treatment of some conditions which are listed below.

Chronic pain

Medical marijuana has been studied to treat chronic pain. In the U.S, chronic pain is the leading cause of disability, affecting more than 25 million adults. Studies have revealed that marijuana or products containing cannabinoids, which are the active ingredients of marijuana, are known to act on the pain receptors of the brain, making them useful in redressing chronic pain.



Alcoholism and drug addictions

Although a comprehensive study revealed that intake of marijuana could help people with alcohol or opioid dependencies fight against their habits, this finding may be contentious as further investigations show that regular consumption of marijuana can comparatively increase the risk of abusing other substances and becoming more dependent on it. It is also observed that more the user takes marijuana; the more likely they are to develop a substance abuse problem with marijuana.


Depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and social anxiety

Studies have been conducted to check the effect of marijuana on the treatment of mental illness. Evidence supporting the fact has been observed although marijuana has been found to not be an appropriate treatment for a specific mental illness such as bipolar disorder or psychosis. The evidence in support of marijuana treatment for mental illness states that marijuana use can alleviate symptoms of social anxiety. This is again contradicted by another study which indicates that regular users of marijuana are at increased risk of social anxiety.


There is sufficient evidence suggesting that oral cannabinoids are quite useful in tackling issues against nausea and vomiting sourced from chemotherapy. Smoking marijuana can help alleviate these symptoms as indicated by case studies. Relevant studies of the effects of marijuana on cancer suggest that cannabinoids can be useful in slowing down or even killing off a certain type of cancerous cells. This hypothesis states that it is helpful in small measures and is a relatively safe treatment. That being said, it is not effective in controlling or curing cancer.


Multiple sclerosis

Marijuana use has been found to display moderate positive effects in people with multiple sclerosis, although short-term use of oral cannabinoids can enhance symptoms of spasticity.



As of recent times, the FDA or Food and Drug Administration has approved the use of medicine containing cannabidiol or CBD to redress two severe types of epilepsy, namely Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome. These syndromes are comparatively difficult to control other types of medication. The CBD infused based drug is known as Epidiolex.

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